From the clean sophisticated lines of painted trim to the timeless quality of solid wood, interior doors, trim and mouldings are the final touches that enhance any room with a finish that expresses your personal style. Revive a room by replacing the casings and baseboards, or add a wow factor with a crown or chair rails.

Knowles Building Centre has a wide selection of quality interior doors and trims to choose from. We carry most profiles in pine, oak, mahogany, MDF, PVC, and Finger Jointed.

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Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Replacing interior doors is a quick and easy way to update your rooms. French doors and sliding doors create elegance and new zones within a house. Panelled doors provide sophistication and complete a room. New handles are a quick, easy update that creates a fresh, modern look.

Available in wood, metal, glass or composites, Knowles Building Centre has a wide selection of quality interior doors.

Molding & Trim

Moulding, Trim and Millwork

We stock interior trim that meets the highest standards for quality and design. Place the final touches of a new construction home or revive any room with the right moulding and trim. Add sophistication with a crown or chair rails and make a design statement with a decorative feature wall.

We supply and stock a variety of interior trim that meets the highest standards for quality and design in MDF, primed pine, oak, PVC, and fingerjoint primed pine.


Traditionally used in seaside cottages and cabins, Shiplap walls have become a modern and popular choice for interior design. This versatile building material can be used throughout a home to create a cozy, rustic vibe or an eye-catching feature wall. This country chic look can come at a high price tag but we can help you create the look at half the cost.

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