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DIY Projects

Fun DIY Projects To Do With Your Kids

Fun DIY Projects To Do With Your Kids

Enthusiasm for DIY projects is growing at a rapid face, and creative homeowners are finding solutions that they can learn and use in their own homes. Why not pass on some of that enthusiasm to the younger generation? It may take just a small project to spark the inner DIYer in your children. Knowles Building Centre encourages you to try out some of these projects together!

Birdhouse/Bird Feeder

This classic beginner DIY project is sure to make you and your kids busy and keep the neighbourhood birds happy. It's a great project to teach the basics of using a hammer and nails, measuring and cutting wood, fitting pieces together square, and doing it all safely. Once all the pieces are together, they can go wild with colour and decorations.

Find cut plans for a simple cedar bird feeder here.

Cornhole Game

The goal is to have fun with your project after it's done, and there's no better way to put that into practice than by making your own cornhole game board. This is a simple game to play, and making your own board isn't difficult. Help your kids learn how to use a drill and a saw while you build. They can sand and decorate the board, and then start their journey to becoming backyard cornhole masters!

Find a handy cut, tool and material list plus step-by-step instructions here.

Lemonade Stand

Teach the basics of business along with the basics of building by making a lemonade stand together! This is a larger project overall, but because most of the pieces are bigger, it can be easier for little hands to help. After it's assembled, get creative with chalkboard paint to attract some business!

Follow this guide to make a classic lemonade stand and then customize it.

Tree Swing

What could be better than making a swing for your kids using a few items plus a tree from your own yard? If you have the space, a swing is an easy project that you can all do and enjoy together. With this project, you can teach your kids how to make something level, and how to tie a knot to hold up the swing from underneath the seat.

Follow these directions and you'll be swinging from the trees in no time.

Zoo for Stuffed Animals

Everyone needs a container to keep stuffed animals. Why not have your kids help you make one so they can clean up more efficiently? With this fun project, you work with a stretchy shock cord that expands to give you the space you need while keeping all the wild animals contained. This project also makes use of a carpenter's square, which is a great tool for learning about 90 degree angles.

Find materials and directions to create your own bin here.

Raised Bed Gardens

What kid doesn't like to get dirty? Growing your own food is a great choice for your health and your wallet. And, with some learning about crop rotation and growing schedules, you can keep the fresh food coming all year round! This project entails cutting and drilling to build the gardens, but the real fun of the project is filling the inside…first with newspaper, then with dirt and compost, and finally with plants.

Here are plans for a small starter raised bed garden and here you can find varieties of veggies you can grow all year round.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to visit Knowles Building Centre for assistance. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.

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