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Top Garden Trends for 2023

Top Garden Trends for 2023

In 2023, Knowles Building Centre supports the need for a more balanced life and has a deeper appreciation of the power of nature and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Extreme weather conditions, unpredictable temperature changes, droughts, flooding and wild storms are challenging gardeners to be more resourceful.

Rising costs for groceries and other household expenses are creating a greater interest in self-sufficiency with home-grown vegetables and fruits that can be enjoyed during the season and preserved to enjoy in the cold winter months.

Gardeners are rising to the challenge, sourcing native plants and trees that thrive in adverse conditions, and are choosing vibrant blooms that welcome wildlife and valuable pollinators into the garden, for a balanced ecosystem.

When planning for your 2023 garden, consider the following:

A Balanced Garden

More effort will go into creating a garden with elements that work well together, and is more in tune with the natural environment. Rather than trying to take nature out of the garden, we will see more of letting the garden be as it is meant to be. There will be more emphasis on landscaping that brings out the best in soil, plants, trees, water features, and hardscapes.

Regenerative Gardening

Especially helpful in times of drought, regenerative gardening helps to retain moisture, keeps weeds at bay and produces healthier soil for even stronger, healthier plants. The focus is on helping the soil be as nutritious and balanced as possible, which will attract helpful pollinators and wildlife. What you put into your garden – compost, manure, leaves – and careful watering, will lead to a healthy ecosystem.

Flood Prevention

Working with nature to create more balance ecologically is a huge trend. Flooding, drought and extreme temperatures are challenging gardeners, who are trying organic methods to manage the effects of the changing climate. Rain gardens, sustainable drainage systems and natural stone for paths and driveways are forecast to gain in popularity in 2023 and beyond.

Plant a Variety of Trees

Trees provide so many benefits for our health and enjoyment: shade; cool in the heat of summer inside our homes and out; conserve energy; improve air quality; provide habitat for wildlife; and beauty, to name a few.

In 2023 and beyond, gardeners will be relying on trees that are native to their region and resistant to pests and diseases. Many ash trees are being destroyed by the emerald ash borer, and other tree species are suffering as well, so gardeners will be choosing the hardiest trees for their area.

Disappearing Lawns and Thriving Plants

A growing trend is the move from grass lawns to gardens with drought-resistant perennial shrubs and plants – evergreen, deciduous, coniferous and a range of drought-resistant flowering plants. This extends to front yards and boulevards, with the use of attractive stone pathways and rock walls.

Natural Privacy

Another growing trend is the planting of evergreens to give privacy as well as some protection from noise and air pollution caused by traffic. Choose a variety that will tolerate the climate and weather conditions in your area.

Pleached trees are a more formal way of creating a natural privacy fence. They need more care and will keep you busy pruning and braiding their branches. Not all zones are suitable for these delicate trees, so ask at your local nursery.

Contrast – Industrial and Lush

A garden design trend this year is marrying soft curvy plant shapes and textures with more angular stone and concrete elements and steel water features for added impact.

Vertical Gardening

Ideal for smaller outdoor spaces, balconies and rooftop terraces, vertical gardening is trending to gain natural privacy and a lush oasis. A living wall, or a combination of shelves, wall-baskets or planters, and hooks for hanging pots will help you create a beautiful vertical garden, with flowers, fruits, vines and veggies.

Container Gardening

Perfect for small and large gardens, as well as patios and balconies, container gardening is taking off in outdoor space while providing a decorative home for herbs, cherry tomatoes and other vegetables. Create drama with colourful annuals, and move them around to follow the sun.

Keep an Eye on Changes to Hardiness Zones

Climate change is already affecting what can grow where, so gardeners will be paying close attention to the gradually changing zones of plant hardiness. Choose plants and trees that will adapt well to milder winters and hotter, drier summers.

Terracotta Pots

Traditional terracotta pots will be on gardener’s wishlists this season, admired for their earthy, natural beauty, sustainability, and their ability to retain moisture and keep plants from drying out as quickly.

Heat-Loving Plants

Nurseries are responding to the warmer, drier summers with a new roster of sun-loving plants that can take the heat. In addition to sunflowers, coneflowers, phlox and asters, you will see a variety of drought-proof plants that will also keep your watering bills down.

Check your local nursery for more information and to make sure they are hardy in your zone.



Suncredible Saturn sunflower
The blooms just can’t stop blooming, no matter what soil you have and how hot it gets. Perfect for privacy, and the bees and butterflies love them.

Aurora Borealis rose
A popular and robust compact rose bush that won’t let pests or diseases take over.

A sun-loving stunner adds green or blue leaves to your garden and urns.

The exotic canna gives your garden a tropical feel, perfect in the sun and heat. Huge leaves, and blooms in yellow, red, orange and pink, they multiply quickly so you can share with your neighbours and friends.

Canna Lily

Canna Lily

Colours Garden Trends for 2023

Frill Ride Bigleaf Hydrangea
This vivacious hydrangea shrub with its stunning, huge, and deep-pink frilly blooms, will be in high demand.

Easy-to-grow perennial, attracts bees and other pollinators and birds love them too. A great border or container.

A feathery flowered perennial that attracts pollinators is the answer for your shade garden, adding bright colour and texture.



Bee Balm
A magnet for butterflies, hummingbirds and of course, bees.

Summer Crush Hydrangea
A small but mighty hydrangea shrub that will stand out in your garden with its remarkable colour of bright raspberry.

Double Play Doozie Spirea
Are deer making a meal of your garden? Thankfully, this bright magenta spirea is not on their menu, so you can enjoy this drought-resistant beauty all summer long.

Bee Balm

Bee Balm

Community Gardening

The challenge of the high cost of housing has led to the growth of community gardens as well as the smaller shared gardens of multi-unit homes. Growing vegetables and fruit to share with others is continuing into 2023 as many are struggling with the high cost of food and fresh produce.

Smart Tools

The garden is becoming quieter with fewer gas-powered gardening tools and a move towards smart tools – you’ll see more electric, solar and battery-powered solutions for edging, mowing, trimming and even weeding.

Gardening Apps

Gardeners are coming together online and on apps to find solutions and share knowledge about their gardening challenges and victories. You’ll find a wealth of information and gardening tips as well as a plethora of digital gardening courses.

Gardening looks beautiful in 2023.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to visit Knowles Building Centre for assistance. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.

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